How does getting up to 25%+ generation from your Solar PV System sound?


If you’re serious about maximizing your solar generation then our PV-SOS is exactly what you’re looking for.

Create a rapid return on investment, whether you are brand new to solar or already have an existing solar system. Simply have your Invertor Isolator replaced with our PV-SOS and you enhance your solar generation today.

Features & Benefits:

  • Free energy direct from the Sun
  • Solar PV is a Fit & Forget technology – no maintenance
  • Works with any PV system, any manufacturer
  • Simple to fit or retrofit
  • Just replace the inverter A.C Isolator with our Solar Angel
  • Low cost and high carbon benefits
  • Available for inverters from 2KW up to 50KW single or 3-phase supplys

Through closely monitoring the incoming supply voltage, our Solar Angel unit enables the Solar PV inverter to compliantly stay in circuit for longer, preventing it from shuting down due to over voltage. This keeps you generating for longer, giving you a faster return on investment.


PV-SOS is among the best Solar Bolt-Ons for getting the most out of your Solar PV System. Installation can be carried out in a day, meaning you can start generating 25%+ solar in days!

Get in touch with us now and let PV-SOS show you the light!

This is a real time video showing the PV-SOS in action with a side by side comparison of two array systems attached to two seperate inverters, one with a PV-SOS and one without.

When a PV-SOS is present, there is a minimum of 20% more productivity.

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